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6 February 2016
Tinashe for MAC Cosmetics Future Forward Campaign (Exclusive)
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The product rollout will occur first with Tinashe’s “Times Nine Palette” of eyeshadow, followed by Halsey’s matte gunmetal lipstick, Dej Loaf’s rosy-nude lip glass, and Lion Babe’s shimmery gold Liquidlast Liner with prices ranging from $15 to $32. The first-time opportunity to collaborate with a major brand, Dej Loaf notes, was “a big first step” and entryway into a new creative medium.

“I like to be able to create something out of nothing, to experiment and not just be stuck in one box,” alt-R&B artist Tinashe says. To date, the 22-year-old has experimented with dancing (studying ballet, tap and jazz at age 4), acting (appearing in Two and a Half Men), modeling and music (“2 On” from her 2014 debut studio album Aquarius hit No. 5 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart). But on March 17, her role in MAC’s Future Forward campaign — a partnership in which the brand spotlights and collaborates with four younger artists who are making waves in the music industry — represents “an opportunity to spread my wings even more,” she says.

In an old warehouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, as the sun set and the MAC team prepped for her campaign video shoot, the singer-songwriter, who will embark on a world tour this month, spoke with Billboard about her eyeshadow palette ($32; maccosmetics.com), her plans for the coming year and what it was like touring with Katy Perry.

Tinashe Make Up

Have you collaborated with other brands in the past?

I have but I’ve never been able to take a real creative kind of position, and that was really what drew me to this. I mean obviously I love makeup too, and I use it all the time for shows, but I was really intrigued by the chance to bring my creative vision to this. I got to design the packaging, pick out the colors and create something that I felt like I would use. It’s shades that range between dark black to an army green, and then some burgundies. I’m definitely more of an eye girl than a lip girl.

Do you remember the first time that you experimented with makeup?

I remember being around 8 years old and doing my cousin’s makeup — painting it blue and green. I thought that was so much fun (Laughs.)

2015 was such a major year for you. What was it like opening for Katy Perry?  

That was incredible. I mean, I’ve never been to South America, so I got to go to seven different countries in South America with Katy. The crowds were insane!

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Do you ever get nervous?

I don’t really get nervous, no. It’s really exciting and the fans are really accepting, and they’re pumped up, so I get excited more than nervous. But yeah I think that was a huge highlight. I think touring with Nicki Minaj was also a really big highlight. I think releasing my “All Hands on Deck” music video was a dope part of this year.

Is it hard for you to create music when you’re on the road?

Yeah. I think your energy — especially with such a high-energy stage show, which is what I try to bring to the table — it’s hard to be able to put energy into both because being creative takes a lot of energy as well. I kind of have been doing one or the other. I’m still kind of working on trying to be able to do both, but there’s no time or energy.

Is there any shade of makeup or type of makeup you’d never put on?

I don’t think so; I’m pretty open-minded. So I’d pretty much try, especially at this age I feel like I would try anything, I’m not old yet, I can do whatever I want. You can just go for it, that’s the fun part.

What are your goals for the coming year? Who are people you’d like to work with this next year?

Well I want to put out my second album, called Joyride, and go on another U.S. tour. My own tour, which is exciting. Other than that? I’m just excited to continue to grow and dominate the world piece by piece.

You performed at Alexander Wang’s show in September. Are there designers you’d like to work with?

Yeah, I mean, I obviously have started cultivating relationships with some of my favorites, such as Alex Wang and Jeremy Scott. I would love to work with them more in the future. I really want to work with Andre 3000. I think that would be amazing.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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