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14 March 2017
Meet Tinashe, hip hop’s new creative chameleon
Posted by Mae in Gallery, Photoshoots

She’s the urban legend with pop sensibilities, the go-to collaborator for Travis Scott and Britney Spears and the creative chameleon who won’t be put in a box. Put your lighters up for Tinashe…

Tinashe has been working. Working hard. “I’ve been in the studio every. Day. All. Month,” she deadpans on an unusually stormy day in LA. The damp weather is good for the typically sun-bleached city, which has bobbed in and out of water crises over the past several years, due not only to lack of rain but also to the abundance of water soaked up by celebrity lawns and untold thousands of palm trees that jut from every square mile from the San Fernando Valley to the shores of Santa Monica. It’s a city that works for the young R’n’B phenomenon – she’s lived there since she was eight years old and still resides at her parents’ house – perpetually sunny with shades of noir.

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Gallery link:
Gallery > Photoshoots > 2017 > GQ Style by Terry Richardson (+2 UHQ photo)

(Source: GQ Magazine UK)

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