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10 March 2016
Posted by Mae in Interviews

Tinashe goes big on her first major headlining tour, as the world awaits her second album “Joyride.”

CHICAGO — Tinashe is nothing if not a hard worker. Unlike her peers, she is unafraid of explicitly stating her artistic goals and ambition. She sees great things for herself, namely a breakout album, “Joyride,” her second, expected later this year.
Success, however, is not easy for her to define.

“I don’t necessarily know what that means,” she explained recently in the back of House of Blues in Chicago, “whether it be like it sells a certain number of copies, I don’t necessarily feel like that. It’s more so that my fans appreciate it, and that it means something to people and people find it special.”

More immediately, Tinashe is most concerned with a tour that is her most ambitious to date.

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6 February 2016
Posted by Mae in Interviews

The product rollout will occur first with Tinashe’s “Times Nine Palette” of eyeshadow, followed by Halsey’s matte gunmetal lipstick, Dej Loaf’s rosy-nude lip glass, and Lion Babe’s shimmery gold Liquidlast Liner with prices ranging from $15 to $32. The first-time opportunity to collaborate with a major brand, Dej Loaf notes, was “a big first step” and entryway into a new creative medium.

“I like to be able to create something out of nothing, to experiment and not just be stuck in one box,” alt-R&B artist Tinashe says. To date, the 22-year-old has experimented with dancing (studying ballet, tap and jazz at age 4), acting (appearing in Two and a Half Men), modeling and music (“2 On” from her 2014 debut studio album Aquarius hit No. 5 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart). But on March 17, her role in MAC’s Future Forward campaign — a partnership in which the brand spotlights and collaborates with four younger artists who are making waves in the music industry — represents “an opportunity to spread my wings even more,” she says.

In an old warehouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, as the sun set and the MAC team prepped for her campaign video shoot, the singer-songwriter, who will embark on a world tour this month, spoke with Billboard about her eyeshadow palette ($32; maccosmetics.com), her plans for the coming year and what it was like touring with Katy Perry.

Tinashe Make Up

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30 October 2015
Posted by Mae in Interviews

The musician and former model talked to Maxim about her upcoming album.

Since her 2014 debut, Tinashe‘s life has been a whirlwind. She’s been non-stop touring (she just finished a leg with Katy Perry), recording, and doing photo shoots, video shoots and fashion campaigns. The 22-year-old’s debut album, Aquarius, garnered her comparisons to Aaliyah, Ashanti and Janet Jackson, but her upcoming release (Joyride, due January 2016) has more pop undertones—likely the result of working with famed Britney Spears producer Max Martin.

In the midst of her growing fame, Tinashe has remained balanced: she still lives at home with her parents in L.A. and, even though her schedule is crazy, tries to make time for all the same things she did before you were dancing to “2 On.”

We chatted with Tinashe about being compared to Aaliyah, her choice to work with a controversial artist like Chris Brown, and how she’s carving out her place in the music industry.

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21 October 2015
Posted by Mae in Gallery, Interviews, Photoshoots

IF YOU HAVE YET to cue up Tinashe on your “sexy time” playlist, get on it. The singer, who melds breathy R&B vocals with urban pop and indie beats, hit it big this summer with “2 On,” a Top 40 chart-topper off her debut album. Now Tinashe hopes to maintain her view from the top with the release of her sophomore album, Joyride, which ruminates on “the different relationships between human beings.” Says the 22-year-old, “Sexuality has always been part of who I am as an artist—emphasis on part. I’m an all-around entertainer, my own creative force, and I’m bringing something fresh to the table.”

Photography by Josh Reed/Styling by Taylor Sheridan; Hair And Makeup by Sara Cranham.

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Gallery > Photoshoots > 2015 > Playboy by Josh Reed (+14 HQ photo)

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12 May 2015
Posted by Mae in Interviews

“It’s only embarrassing if the guy sees this.”

Tinashe first broke out last year with the hit “2 On” and her near-perfect debut album Aquarius, but since releasing the instantly viral video for “All Hands on Deck” in April, the 22-year-old is well on her way to becoming the whole world’s new obsession. Earlier this spring, she released the excellent mixtapeAmethyst (recorded in her childhood bedroom over Christmas vacation), and this summer, she’ll join Nicki Minaj on her massive “Pinkprint” tour along with Meek Mill, Rae Sremmurd, and DeJ Loaf. Tinashe recently sat down with Cosmopolitan.com to talk about music, virginity soundtracks, and what it’s like when Kanye publicly admits he likes you.

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29 April 2015
Posted by Mae in Interviews

Tinashe is one of those rare performers who knows how to bring the hype while keeping it chill. With a downbeat album that’s perfect both during and after the party, it’s no surprise she’s the latest industry obsession. With an impressive resume at the ripe age of 22, there’s more to the artist than meets the ear.

Like so many performers, Tinashe began her independent singing career because of a breakup—but not the kind you might be thinking of. “The split of The Stunners is what pushed me to create my own material,” she says of the former girl group who is best remembered as the opening act during Justin Bieber’s first ever concert.

The star’s silky voice and fresh West Coast sound caught the attention of RCA, who signed the songstress after she submitted two mix tapes that were recorded in her home studio. “That’s where I feel like I can get really personal,” Tinashe explains.

Tinashe proved she was more than just a pretty face with the top 40 debut of her single “2 On” which sent waves through the contemporary R&B community. “It’s very different from the pop stuff I was doing with the group; it was nice that I was able to create my own material.”

The success of the single led her first studio album with the label. “They weren’t just interested in me for being a cute girl,” she says of her reason for signing. So what inspired this new voice to become a recording artist in the first place? “No one ever told me I couldn’t.”

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(Source: Teen Vogue)

7 April 2015
Posted by Mae in Interviews

Tinashe recalls quitting social media for several days following backlash she faced after working with Iggy Azalea.

Along with Meek Mill, Rae Sremmurd, and DeJ Loaf, Kentucky-born singer Tinashe is one of the artists scheduled to appear on Nicki Minaj’s upcoming, “The Pinkprint” tour. But prior to joining Minaj, the singer was scheduled to join Iggy Azalea on her summer tour.

As a result of the switch in tours, rumors regarding Tinashe dropping out of Iggy’s tour began to spread. While speaking with Hot 97 recently, the songstress was able to address the tour switch-up.

According to Tinashe, she was confirmed to tour with Iggy this summer. The tour was postponed and with prior obligations, she was unable to join Iggy on her fall dates. She then revealed that after Iggy canceled her summer dates, she was approached by Nicki Minaj’s people about appearing on the rapper’s tour.

“Well, I was initially confirmed to go on tour with Iggy this summer,” Tinashe said. “And I was super excited about it. It was me, Nick Jonas. And then she postponed the tour. So, totally unrelated. I hadn’t committed to Nicki. I didn’t even know there was a Nicki Minaj tour yet. The tour was already postponed and I already had prior commitments in the fall. And I wasn’t able to go on tour with her in the fall, which is when it was rescheduled to. So, we couldn’t do the tour. Unfortunately, I had to part ways. And then after that happened, coincidentally, I got the Nicki Minaj offer…I’m really excited. I think the line-up on the tour is amazing.”

With her ties to Iggy Azalea musically, Tinashe was later asked how she felt whenever the Aussie musician was talked about or insulted. She recalled avoiding social media for several days once because of the “level of backlash” she received after collaborating with Iggy.

“When we first announced that and I had the remix with her there was a lot of backlash, which I was expecting because I knew that she gets a lot of hate via social media,” she said. “But I’m not typically used to that level of backlash. So, I kinda had to avoid social media for a couple of days cause I was like ‘Woah, this is a lot.’”

(Source: HipHopDX)