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17 September 2016
Posted by Mae in Music, Single

From her long-awaited album Joyride

After remixing Rihanna’s “Sex With Me,” Tinashe has shared the latest single from her long-awaited album Joyride, which is due out this fall. It’s called “Company,” and it’s produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. Stream it below. “Company” follows “Superlove” and its “Baywatch”-inspired video, the Juicy J-assisted “Energy,” and the Young Thug-featuring “Party Favors.” Watch Tinashe debut “Company” on MTV’s new music series “Wonderland.”

(Source: Pitchfork)

12 August 2016
Posted by Mae in Music, Music Videos

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11 May 2016
Posted by Mae in Interviews, Photoshoots

“I’ve never seen it snow while sunny,” Tinashe says as she looks out the window of the Phoenix Concert Theater during the Toronto stop of her Joyride tour. After completing a set of video interviews, Tinashe and I, two of four women in the male-dominated room, cozy up on a couch where we start discussing some of her recent accomplishments – including two cover stories for Complex and DAZED, respectively.

Gallery link
Gallery > Photoshoots > 2016 > Georgie Magazine by Neil Mota (+9 HQ photos)

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12 April 2016
Posted by Mae in Gallery, Photoshoots

As she puts the finishing touches on her sophomore album, Joyride, Tinashe reflects on industry pressures, fame and the importance of sticking to your artistic vision.

Gallery link
Gallery > Photoshoots > 2016 > Paper Magazine by Charlotte Rutherford (+11 HQ photos)

Tinashe is standing on the front lawn of her childhood home in a suburb of Los Angeles, debating with her dad about which color to paint the recently repaired fence. She’s in sweats and glasses, a dramatic contrast to her glamorous onstage persona, and she’s trying to get herself motivated to pack for a massive three-month tour that will hit the States, Asia, Europe and Australia. As she edges around the grass, you wonder, “Do the neighbors know who she is?” As Tinashe settles into the massive brown couch in the living room, she confirms they do. “Uh, yeah,” she says. “They know.”

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12 April 2016
Posted by Mae in Gallery, Performances

Gallery link
Gallery > Performances > 2016 > 20160407 – Crystal Ballroom by Henry Cromett (+9 UHQ photos)

Tinashe never wants to play Crystal Ballroom again. Not that she has anything against Portland’s springiest midsized theater in particular. It just seems like she doesn’t want to play any midsized theater again. Watching her put on what was essentially a scaled-down arena show last Thursday night—fit with wardrobe changes, an LED screen and mild pyro—it’s clear the 23-year-old singer, dancer and former actress has much grander ambitions in mind. She’s played big stages before, opening for Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Now, she wants them for herself.
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10 March 2016
Posted by Mae in Interviews

Tinashe goes big on her first major headlining tour, as the world awaits her second album “Joyride.”

CHICAGO — Tinashe is nothing if not a hard worker. Unlike her peers, she is unafraid of explicitly stating her artistic goals and ambition. She sees great things for herself, namely a breakout album, “Joyride,” her second, expected later this year.
Success, however, is not easy for her to define.

“I don’t necessarily know what that means,” she explained recently in the back of House of Blues in Chicago, “whether it be like it sells a certain number of copies, I don’t necessarily feel like that. It’s more so that my fans appreciate it, and that it means something to people and people find it special.”

More immediately, Tinashe is most concerned with a tour that is her most ambitious to date.

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26 February 2016
Posted by Mae in Videos